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Women In Self Healing

Pregnancy Massage Beverly Hills
Women in Self Healing is the creation of Sally Hayes sally hayes asheville north carolina…
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(Beverly Hills, CA) Celebrity Stylist Giuseppe Franco has a dynamic personality that immediately puts one at ease. Called the “Boss of Beverly Hills” by his clients and friends. You have to meet him! Long recognized as a hair expert and hair stylist to the stars, he greets clients personally with his undeniable warm and friendly New York Italian personality as they enter his Beverly Hills Salon.

Giuseppe grew up in New Jersey with his Italian family, who had immigrated to the United States. They taught Giuseppe that anything was possible with dedicated work. Soon after enrolling in beauty school in New York, Giuseppe found himself in the hands of Jean Louis David’s salon at Henri Bendel’s in Manhattan. Under Jean Louis David’s wings he was sent to Paris to study the art of cutting and styling hair. Giuseppe knew then that he found his calling. He continued to work his way up the ladder at Henri Bendel’s, but six years later found himself wanting more. With his best friend Mickey Rourke, he packed up his bags and moved West to California where he immediately felt at home. With his close friend and now business partner, Micky Rourke, he opened his namesake salon on Canon Drive in Beverly Hills in the early 1980’s. Determined to succeed, Giuseppe quickly transformed his salon into a celebrity mecca that eventually became one of the most popular celebrity salons in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Due to its popularity, the salon has grown and expanded since its inception. Giuseppe’s success is undeniably due to his unrivaled work ethic and grounded personality. His unwavering dedication to his salon and clientele has garnered him immense media attention with features in the country’s leading fashion and beauty magazines including; Elle, GQ, Glamour, and People magazine. His flair and exuberance for showmanship has made him an ideal guest and makeover expert on television shows such as “E! Entertainment,” “Extra,” “MTV,” “Access Hollywood,” and more.

Today, Giuseppe is among the most recognized and respected beauty experts with devoted clients that include stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, Mena Suvari, Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Adrien Brody and many others. He is a firm believer in charity work and implements scheduled visits to the Children’s Hospital. Giuseppe takes happiness in occasional complimentary haircuts for special needs, which partnered with his infectious smile and high energy, brings joy to those around him.

Giuseppe is not only sought after for his famous styles in Hollywood, he has been the keynote speaker for numerous conventions and seminars delivering high energy motivational speaking with real world ideas for some of the leading corporations around the world. His ideas stem from years of involvement with some of the most successful business men and woman in fortune 500 companies across the globe.

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Women In Self Healing Massage Therapy Pregnancy Massage Postnatal Massage Virtual Infant Massage Bodywork Sessions Pregnancy Treatments Beverly Hills

Women In Self Healing

Women in Self Healing is the creation of Sally Hayes
sally hayes asheville north carolina sound healer
Sally’s background includes a Women’s Studies major at the University of Georgia, 620-hour Certification in Clinical Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Pregnancy Massage at the Atlanta School of Massage, 100-hour Energy Healing Practitioner program at Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing in Los Angeles, Meditation through the Silva Mind Control Method, Sound Healing studies at The Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness in San Francisco, Yoga Teacher Training with Lillah Schwartz, Kelly Wood, and Kali Durga.

She is passionate about how we as women can utilize the power of self healing to become the best possible version of ourselves. She practices bodywork for all bodies, with a specialized focus in pregnancy and postnatal massage.

“We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.”—Beyoncé

With over 20 years of bodywork experience, Sally works with all bodies, specializing in women’s health and wellness, with an emphasis on the perinatal period.

Massage reduces pain, stress, and fatigue, while improving your immune system, flexibility, and sleep. Each massage session is custom built for your particular needs, wherever you are in your life.

Studies show that pregnancy massage can relieve muscular aches and pains such as Carpal Tunnel syndrome symptoms, sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, and shoulder tightness. It can also reduce anxiety and depression, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Postnatal massage can ease muscle tension, reduce swelling by increasing lymphatic drainage, speed healing, improve mood and help your body to release oxytocin. For more benefits of postnatal massage click here.

Infant massage sessions are done via zoom for parents and caretakers. You will be taught some basic massage techniques to help with tummy troubles, soothing baby to sleep, and bonding.

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