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Welcome To Things To Do In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a city in Los Angeles which is known throughout the world. There’s a community of people here that want to make a positive difference in the world. They have their own schools, police and fire services. It’s truly a city within a city. On Things To Do In Beverly Hills we want to help you navigate through the area finding the best businesses for what you need. Try some delightful food and explore the culture. Planning your trip is easy, just take a browse through our website.

In the night time there is a community of just 40,000 but in the day there can be 150,000 people here. A lot of people don’t realize that as well as the 90210 zip code, you also have 90211 and 90212. There are definitely some famous and key spots you should see on your visit. Rodeo Drive is the spot for shopping. You have the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art which is home to some unusual spectacles. There is the Greystone Mansion which is free for a self guided tour 7 days a week. Of course there’s the legendary road of Sunset Boulevard which is famous for it’s nightlife and other landmarks. Plus there is so much more. Depending for how long you are here, you definitely won’t run out of Things To Do In Beverly Hills.

The Best Shopping In California

Everyone knows that if you are looking for a place to shop in Beverly Hills then Rodeo Drive is your first stop. It’s a two mile long street which ends up overflowing into Los Angeles. It intersects with Sunset Boulevard which is the next street you should be visiting. If you are coming to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping then you must know that it’s easy to drop a lot of money very quickly here. You can find all of the famous designer labels and haute couture fashion. Within it’s 75 stores, you will find such names as Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Cartier, Moncler and so many more. It’s quite common to see celebrities doing their shopping here.

At Two Rodeo Drive you will find a nice little cobblestone street which is lined with shops and restaurants. As you branch away from Rodeo Drive, you will find lots of other streets consisting of many stores to browse. You’ll realize that the whole area is a hot spot for retail therapists. Once you find Wilshire Boulevard you will find Saks Fifth Avenue department store. Happy shopping.

Dining Out In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is full of luxurious restaurants, that’s no secret but that’s not your only option. It’s lovely to get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant with exquisite food but there are lots of choices if you are looking for more affordable. There are plenty of cafes and delicatessen’s serving outstanding food in an average price range. You can get American comfort food, a nice bowl of Udon Noodles and a variety of great meals without breaking the bank. 

Of course if you are looking to treat yourself and go all out then you are in the right area. You will actually be slightly spoiled for choice. It all depends on what type of meal you want. You could get a healthy sized lobster with garlic butter, maybe some wagyu beef to really go all out. With many top chefs working some of the busiest restaurants in Beverly Hills, your taste buds are definitely in for a treat.

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